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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Eco-Warrior in Your Life

Christmas Gift Guide for the Eco Warrior  
This gift guide is something that's close to my heart, here at Encampment we started our business with the intent of sourcing sustainable and unique products. Christmas such a time of joy and love, but also full of waste and excess (think of all that wrapping paper!!) 
I have put together a gift guide for budgets big and small and I hope you feel inspired to shop eco this Christmas!  

The Reusable Straw 

Reusable Straws with Encampment  

Did you know that the average person used 1.3 plastic straws per day? Each straw takes about 300 years to break down and eventually ends up as microplastics in the ocean.  Our friends at Suck Differently are selling this pack for $25. 

The perfect secret Santa gift that keeps on giving.  

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Eco-Friendly Packaging: Salty Aura Rug  

Salty Aura Rug with Encampment

I was shocked to find out that most of the plastic satchels our packages arrive in aren't recyclable. When we started stocking Salty Aura rugs we were so excited to hear that they are beginning the process of phasing out these satchels in replacement of a biodegradable satchel.  

10% of Salty Aura's profits also go towards reducing plastic in our oceans and educating society about our eco-footprint. 

The Arizona rug featured above is currently available for pre-sale and is the perfect picnic or throw rug.  

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Solar Tent: Cinch! Pop Up Tents 

Cinch Pop Up Tents with Encampment   

Cinch! have thought of everything you might need when camping or glamping off the grid. Their solar pack pulls in a whopping 21 watts of power,  which ensures their panels are strong and smart enough to charge your USB gadgets straight from the sun.  

The pop-up design allows for quick set up and pack down and their tents have a crazy amount of accessories for different configurations.  Click the link below to shop their range.  

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Inflatable Canvas Tent: Air Beam Bud 

Air Beam Bud With Encampment

The Air Beam Bud is the worlds first inflatable glamping tent. Using air pole technology you can have your tent set up in 5 minutes. The great thing about this design is that there is no centre pole which means you this tent doesn't have to be just for glamping. We use our Air Beam all the time and our kids love using it as an additional play area or for impromptu movie nights.  

Made with 380gsm canvas, the Air Beam Bud is the perfect tent for those who are looking to break away from the traditional bell tent.  

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The Ultimate Canvas Tent: 5m Lotus Belle   

Lotus Belle Tents with Encampment  

The 5m Lotus Belle is your next level festival and glamping tent. The Outback design has been specially made for the Australian Summer. At first glance you can see this is not your average bell tent, in fact, it has 150% more space volumetrically than the average bell tent. 

380gsm waterproof, rotproof and fireproof canvas surrounds the outer and a unique dish-shaped groundsheet ensures you stay dry. The amazing thing about the Lotus Belle tent is the fact that you have 18sqm of usable space, which means this tent isn't just for sleeping!  

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