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Glamping Spotlight- Bukirk Glamping, Clare Valley

Glamping Spotlight- Bukirk Glamping, Clare Valley
Nestled in the hills of Clare Valley, is Bukirk Glamping. With 42 acres of picturesque farmland at your doorstep, it's not hard to see how this glamping site is so wildly popular. Featuring 4 Lotus Belle tents and being only 5 minutes from 5 star wineries, breweries and shops we had to know more!  We recently interviewed Alison the owner to delve deeper into her venue and what it was like setting up a glamping site.  

We love your Glamping site in Clare Valley. How did you pick the location?  
The property came up for Auction and due to the Location being near my Parents property I set a price and decided to bid for the Property at Auction and was successful. 

You have 4 beautiful Lotus Belle Tents. Why did you choose Lotus Belle tents? 
I chose the Lotus Belle Tents due to their size, shape and air vents... They look cute and are very spacious inside plus offer great access and ventilation with two doors, two windows and vents all around.

Bukirk clamping is an unusual name. Can you tell us how you came up with your name? 
My Nickname is Chook. I didn't want to call it Chooks Glamping, so over many discussions with friends and wine, I came up with Bukirk.. If you say it out loud and fast you sound like a chicken... (buk buk bukirk....) In following with the name my Tents are named after a breed of chicken - Frizzle, Leghorn, Silkie and Wyandotte.

When setting up your glamping sites did you encounter any setbacks?  
There were no real major setbacks... Just time consuming with all the processes involved. Was a learning curve that's for sure! But don't regret doing it.

Amenities are really important for your guests. How did you decide on the facilities you currently use?  

Glamping is short for Glamorous Camping, so the Tents had to have their own Ensuite, there is nothing glamorous about using a shared bathroom.... The design of the Ensuite Building is a miniature replica of the outdoor entertainment area building. For inside my Builder and I came up with a design that made sure there was sufficient room and is able to fit on the Deck with the Tent that close and easily accessible.   
I had to install a septic system which was designed by engineers. My property doesn't have mains water so I capture rainwater in several tanks and use throughout except for outdoor taps and the toilet water, this is bore water.  

Last but not least, how can our customers get in contact with you to make a booking? 
My website has everything people need to know about the Tent and Bukirk Glamping, along with photos and you can also book online 
Or I can be contacted on 0455 666 177 or email