How To Use Your Adventure Journal

How To Use Your Adventure Journal


Remember your adventures for years to come. Whether it's a day trip or a lap of Australia, Your Adventure Journal can help. Using our easy, fun & stress-free planning method you can spend more time adventuring & making memories of a lifetime.  

We know how busy life  on the road can be, this is why we have created our 3-step process. So that you can spend more time enjoying your adventures & document your travels in your own time. 

Three simple steps; explore, scribble & share. That's all it takes to make your adventures life long memories. 


EXPLORE | This is where you get to have fun. Travel, explore & live the life of your dreams. 

SCRIBBLE | Grab a notepad or piece of paper & head to the travel journal prompt page for inspiration. Make it messy, brain dump names, places or moments for you to come back to later on. 

SHARE | When you are ready to get started you can use your scribbler book for inspiration on what to write. By having a place to be messy (your scribbler book) you have a place where you can document your trips of a lifetime.  

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